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How to Stow a Starlink Dish for Transport

The hardest part about using a Starlink system is stowing the dish for transport once you are finished using it. Click the button below to watch our how to video on connecting and stowing the dish properly.

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LEO Linx Kit in the remote Uinta Wilderness

How does it work?

The LEO Linx rental program for low earth orbit satellite internet services allows customers to rent equipment, such as a dish, and wifi-router, without a long-term commitment. The customer will be required to sign a rental agreement and is required to pay a refundable deposit upfront. The customer will then be able to connect their devices, such as computers and smartphones, to the internet using the rented equipment. The rental fee includes unlimited data access, though the service provider may sometimes throttle speeds and throughput based on demands and usage.

STARLINK Coverage Map January 2023

Where does it work?

STARLINK internet service currently works in many areas of the United States, including parts of Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. It is also available in parts of Canada, the UK, and Germany. The company plans to expand coverage to more locations in the future.

STARLINK Internet Speed Test image showing 112Mbps Download

How fast is it?

STARLINK internet has download speeds ranging from 50-150 Mbps and upload speeds ranging from 20-60 Mbps. These speeds may vary depending on location and other factors.These speeds will improve over time as more nodes are added to the array.

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